Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Spice Up Roasted Potatoes

Learning how to spice up roasted potatoes with the seasonings you have is essential if you really want to enjoy this side. Roasted potatoes are delicious with just a little salt and olive oil added.

California Bay Leaf Cooking
However, there are many other things you can do to turn up the flavor on these tubers even more than before. For example, you can add bay leaves to them while they are being cooked.

Potatoes are affordable in some parts of the worked where they are grown in abundance and people have fond lots of interesting ways to prepare them. Roasting them is one of the ways that involves less fat. By using bay leaves, you will still get a rich flavor without having to add olive oil.

Smoked paprika will also give this simple dish a different flavor. Smoked parika also tastes really good on roasted sweet potatoes. You can get this from brands like McCormick. You should also try a BBQ rub.  Consider quartering the potatoes before adding the spice, so that each piece is sprinkled with a fair amount of the seasoning.

Garlic also tastes good on potatoes, in my opinion, whether they are roasted or mashed. You can add a little garlic along with rosemary to your tubers while they are being cooked in the oven.
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