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Diet Program Tips for Choosing the Best Low Fat Low Carb Salad Dressing

The best low fat low carb salad dressing for a diet is one that you can use without worrying that you are sabotaging your effort to lose weight. A salad dressing is a sauce that is designed to bring out the flavor of the ingredients in a salad.

There are many types of salad dressing available on the market. How do you choose the one that’s right for you or for the type of salad you are preparing?

Typical salad dressings include:
  • Hummus
  • Wafu dressing
  • French salad dressing
  • Honey Dijon
  • Russian dressing
  • Italian dressing
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Ranch dressing
  • Blue cheese dressing
  • Louis dressing
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Caesar dressing
  • Tahini
Salad Dressings may also be categorized as low-calorie dressing or high-calorie dressing. A low calorie dressing helps to cut down on the extra fat that comes when we add dressing to our salads to send the flavor up a notch.

You can make your own low calorie dressing at home by making a vinaigrette with a blend of garlic infused olive oil and lime juice or vinegar, in a 3:1 ratio. Low calorie dressings may be called by the following names:
  • Low calorie
  • Reduced calorie
  • Reduced fat
  • Oil free
  • Sodium free
Hidden Valley Ranch Light Dressing, Wishbone Raspberry Hazelnut Vinaigrette and Newman’s Own Lighten Up! Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing all have less than 12 grams of fat per three tablespoons of dressing.

Oil free dressings will benefit persons who have problems with cholesterol. If you have diabetes or hypertension and your aim is to avoid dressings that have extra fat and take care of your heart, look for the dressings that contain canola oil or olive oil.

Vinaigrettes are more often used in dressing green salads. Vinaigrettes also don’t usually contain mayonnaise and eggs, which are off limits to vegetarians. Sodium free dressings will benefit persons who are supposed to reduce their salt intake.

If you order a salad at a restaurant, you can ask for the low fat or fat free dressing. If you make your dressing at home, substitute low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese for mayonnaise and fruit juice for oil in the recipes that you like.

How to Spice Up Roasted Potatoes

Learning how to spice up roasted potatoes with the seasonings you have is essential if you really want to enjoy this side. Roasted potatoes are delicious with just a little salt and olive oil added.

California Bay Leaf Cooking
However, there are many other things you can do to turn up the flavor on these tubers even more than before. For example, you can add bay leaves to them while they are being cooked.

Potatoes are affordable in some parts of the worked where they are grown in abundance and people have fond lots of interesting ways to prepare them. Roasting them is one of the ways that involves less fat. By using bay leaves, you will still get a rich flavor without having to add olive oil.

Smoked paprika will also give this simple dish a different flavor. Smoked parika also tastes really good on roasted sweet potatoes. You can get this from brands like McCormick. You should also try a BBQ rub.  Consider quartering the potatoes before adding the spice, so that each piece is sprinkled with a fair amount of the seasoning.

Garlic also tastes good on potatoes, in my opinion, whether they are roasted or mashed. You can add a little garlic along with rosemary to your tubers while they are being cooked in the oven.
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Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adults

Natural ways to treat depression and anxiety in children and adults are preferred because they do not involve medication. Anti depressants have numerous side effects and many people worry especially about giving these drugs to children. When you treat depression naturally, your child is less likely to be restless, gain weight or experience insomnia.

Depression, in some cases, occurs after a loss-the loss of a job, financial security, a partner, or even a dream. This kind of depression is due to grief, and may even be experienced when we are not aware that we have been grieving. Adults who take anti depressants sometimes feel even worse and have been known to experience a decrease in their sex drive, fatigue and other side effects.

There are many things which can lead to depression. Depression may accompany a sense of frustration or powerlessness. In some cases, depression accompanies anger which has not been expressed in a healthy way.

Depression may also be caused by chemical fluctuations in the body which have not been triggered by grief. Women regularly experience hormonal changes that can make them depressed around the same time every month. Medication can help persons who suffer from chronic depression. There are natural ways to beat depression.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Change your Situation
If your current job or home situation is leaving you feeling powerless, it can affect your emotional state. You may need to make a change to how you handle your job, in order to increase your sense of control over your work life. The same applies to your home life.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Don’t Isolate Yourself
Depression may be caused by a lack of companionship. Humans are social animals, and the loss of human interaction can make us depressed. Persons who work from home should plan ways in which they can still interact with others. Find communities with like interests in your local area and online, and make friends with people who can provide balance to what can sometimes be a solitary work life.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Change What you Eat
Some foods can help to energize the body and mind. Grapefruit, lemons and limes do this. Squeeze a little lime into your food.
Some foods increase blood flow to all parts of the body and also have a positive effect on our state of mind. Ginger is one of these. Have some ginger tea in winter, or at any time of year. Ginger is a strong anti-depressant and has an anti-histamine effect as well.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Change your Routine
Human beings tend to thrive on a challenge. The challenge of solving a new problem and the thrill of discovering something new keep depression at bay. While thrill seekers sometimes put themselves in dangerous situations, something as simple as changing the route you take to work, or shopping at a different supermarket and discovering different deals from those at your regular supermarket, can put a bigger smile on your face. When trying new things; always use caution. Succeeding at new challenges also helps to build our self esteem.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Change your Perspective
People who look at the glass as half full-which it is, tend to recognize more opportunities and experience celebrate their successes more frequently, than people who don’t. Always be on the lookout for ways to make things work to your benefit. A little opportunistic streak never hurt anybody.
We all work hard and put our life energy into something-a business, a job, a relationship, every day. Instead of tallying all the things that may have gone wrong, celebrate your successes. Do it every day.

Natural Ways to Treat Depression and Anxiety- Exercise
Mild to moderate depression can be effectively treated with exercise, since chemicals known as endorphins are released by the body during exercise. Depression is less likely to affect people who exercise regularly, because endorphins help to lift our mood.
I previously published this article on Healthmad on Feb. 18, 2011.
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Keep Your Colon Cancer Free Naturally with Graviola

Colon cancer has come more to the forefront in the last decade. More and more people are looking at alternative methods of fighting the disease. Graviola is one of the natural therapies that have been proven to be successful.

The colon is a part of the digestive system. As such, it is exposed to a wide range of contaminants and pathogens. Disease causing agents such as worms may enter the digestive system via the food that we eat. Smaller microbes can also go into the intestines, stomach and other areas via the food and water that we drink.

In addition to all that, humans in modern society rely a great deal on preservatives. While these preservatives kill some of the microorganisms that would cause food spoilage, they also wipe out many of the beneficial micro flora that help to keep our guts and other systems healthy.

Doctors are not completely sure what causes colo-rectal cancer. Some researchers think that people who drink beverages with caffeine have a slightly higher than normal risk of developing this disease. Others think that the amount of fat in your diet can contribute to this disease.

Guyabano has proven to be far more effective than many other chemicals that are used in chemotherapy. When malignant tumors have already started to form in the colon, doctors may opt for surgery. Surgery is often followed up with drugs such as 5-flourouracil and levamisole. By using 5-flourouracil and levamisole, physicians can improve their patient’s chances of recovery.

However even with drugs such as these being used, the rate of recurrence is only reduced by around forty percent. Graviola has a widespread effect when it comes to killing cancer cells. Even when patients have advanced colo-rectal cancer, soursop can improve a patient’s chances of survival. Graviola can eliminate colo-rectal cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes.

Like levamisole, graviola is also effective against worms. It is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and works well in eliminating all sorts of bacterial and fungal infections. If used as part of a treatment regime for colo-rectal cancer, it supplies the patient with energy and boosts their chances of recovery.
Source: Graviola: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

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Improve Broken Arm Surgery Recovery Time- Orthopedic Surgery of the Arm and Humerus

Orthopedic surgery of the arm involves resetting the bones that are fractured in the limb. People who have to repair a fracture of the arm usually have metal rods, plates or pins inserted. These metal parts are used in adult and pediatric orthopedics unit shoulder operation so that the bone can heal correctly.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery involves looking around inside the shoulder with a tiny camera that is known as an arthoscope. The surgeon may use this camera to examine the tissues or to assist her in doing the repairs that are necessary when there is a fracture of the arm.

The procedure used in артроскопическая операция плеча involves a small camera that is inserted through a small cut in the skin. This allows the surgeon to see exactly what is happening while they are repairing the shoulder joint. This is a preferred method when doctors want to repair damaged tissues, correct shoulder instability or heal a bone spur.  They can also do rotator cuff repair using small anchors called suture rivets.  These hooks are generally made of plastic or metal and do not have to be removed at any time.

Broken Humerus Recovery Bone Titanium Plate and Screws 4 Months Out

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Sports Medicine and Athletic Orthopedics- спортивная медицина и спортивная ортопедия
Practitioners in Sports Medicine and Athletic Orthopedics aim to provide the best care for student athletes who have sustained broken bones on the field of play. These professionals cater to youth, high school and collegiate athletes. Broken shoulders can sideline athletes for a month or more.

A fracture of the arm does not always require surgical intervention. Some athletes, such as Ron Bartell of the Raiders in the United States, can heal without doing surgery. Ron Bartell recently had a shoulder blade broken in competition. When athletes do not have surgery broken bones may be held in place with a cast or sling.

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Endometrial Cancer Hyperplasia: Risk Factors, Staging, Signs, Survival Rate

Endometrial cancer is also known as endometrial carcinoma. Endometrial cancer can be detected in a number of ways. There are several factors that can increase the risk of a woman developing endometrial cancer symptoms.

Risk Factors- Anovulatory Cycles
Women have an increased risk of developing endometrial cancer if they have anovulatory cycles. A woman who has an anovulatory cycle does not ovulate. The corpus luteum may also not form during her menstrual cycle. That is, the luteal phase is absent.

 Endometrial Cancer Staging

Risk Factors- Obesity
Women who are obese also have an increased risk of getting endometrial cancer. Unopposed estrogen use and tumoxifen therapy are also risk factors for developing endometrial cancer.

Uterine Cancer Survival


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Risk Factors- Age
Endometrial cancer is less prevalent in women younger than 35 years. In fact, once you are under the age of forty, your chances of developing this type of cancer are extremely low.